Night Hawk Driving Lights

Night Hawk Driving Lights have been lighting the way since 2007, offering market-leading performance from the early years of Halogen and HID technology to the more recent, efficient, and highly versatile LED technology
Night Hawk Driving Lights image
Night Hawk Driving Lights image


Launching the first driving light with Variable Light Intensity (VLI) control in 2019, Night Hawk set a new standard for the industry to follow. Jump forward to today and the VLI lights now make up just one part of the new Night Hawk Variable Series range. With electronically adjustable light intensity standard across the range, and options available for electronic colour temperature and beam pattern adjustment, you now have control like never before.

As with all Bushranger 4X4 products, these are engineered tough to withstand the rugged outdoor terrain and harsh Aussie climate. They are backed by a 5-year warranty and our 40+ year history of supplying quality engineered 4X4 products to the Australian market.

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Driving Lights

Combine tremendous power with unmatched versatility with a set of Night Hawk Driving Lights. Engineered from the ground up with user control at the forefront, Night Hawk Lights offer a truly unique design, taking performance, aesthetics and usability to a whole new level.

Light Bars

Hold the power to light up the dark with our single row Night Hawk light bars. Utilising our unique Variable Light Intensity control and available in a large range of sizes, you have the flexibility in fitment and control. Supplied with light modifying covers you can create the beam pattern that you desire.


Make installation simple with our range of Plug & Play connectors. Take control of your lights and go relay-free with a Night Hawk Wiring System. The Plug & Play modular design provides versatility whilst reducing installation time compared to traditional wiring installs.

Variable Light Intensity

With the highest lumens and 1lux distance in the Variable series range, the VLI allows you to hold the power and take control. The user-controlled light intensity feature gives you the ability to adjust the brightness level to suit your preferred output and the conditions, then adjust on the fly.

Variable Colour Temperature

Ideal for adverse weather and environmental conditions, improve your vision, clarity, and reduce glare with the Variable Colour Temperature option. A high performing LED driving light with complete control of the colour temperature and light intensity output from the driver’s seat. You are no longer locked into a setting that works well in some conditions, but not others.

Variable Beam Intensity

Whether you’re on the open road, amongst dense bush or winding through the tracks, the Variable Beam Pattern option allows you to direct the light to where you need it, and adjust it to suit any terrain that you encounter. A continuation of the innovative user control showcased in our VLI lights, the VBP gives you greater control with the ability to transition from a spot beam to a flood beam at the turn of a dial.