Towing towbars for cars are specially designed attachments that allow vehicles to tow trailers, caravans, or other towable items.

They are typically mounted to the rear of the car and provide a secure connection between the vehicle and the trailer.


Here's how they work:

  1. Mounting: Towbars are installed onto the chassis of the car, ensuring a strong and stable connection. The mounting process can vary depending on the car's make and model.

  2. Hitch Receiver: Towbars come with a hitch receiver, which is the part that physically connects to the trailer. The receiver has a square or rectangular opening that matches the size of the trailer's coupling device.

  3. Coupling Mechanism: Trailers usually have a tow coupling with a ball or pin that fits into the hitch receiver. Once the trailer's coupling is properly aligned with the towbar's hitch receiver, it is secured with a latch or locking mechanism.

  4. Electrical Connection: Many trailers have electrical systems that require power from the car's battery to operate lights, indicators, and brakes. Towbars typically include an electrical socket to facilitate this connection.


Towbars are essential for safely towing heavy or large loads, such as trailers, caravans, boats, or other vehicles.

They distribute the weight of the towed item, which helps maintain the car's stability and handling while towing.

Additionally, they provide a standardized and secure method of connecting the car to the trailer, ensuring that the two remain attached during travel.

Note: not all cars are suitable for towing, and those that are usually have specific weight and towing capacity limitations.

The main types of towbars include:

  1. Fixed Towbars: Fixed towbars are permanently attached to the vehicle's chassis and cannot be removed easily. They offer a simple and robust towing solution and are generally less expensive than other types. Since they are fixed, they do not interfere with parking sensors or rear-view cameras. However, they may be visible when not in use, affecting the car's aesthetics.

  2. Detachable Towbars: Detachable towbars offer the flexibility of being removed when not in use, leaving little to no visible trace on the vehicle. They are ideal for drivers who want to maintain the car's appearance when the towbar is not needed. Detachable towbars are available in vertical and horizontal detachable options, with the horizontal variant being more common.

  3. Swan Neck Towbars: Swan neck towbars have a single, curved neck that extends from the towbar and provides a tow ball at its end. They offer a streamlined and compact design, making them a popular choice for drivers concerned about aesthetics. However, since the neck is integrated, it might be challenging to use accessories like bumper protectors or hitch steps.

  4. Flange Ball Towbars: Flange ball towbars feature a bolt-on tow ball and a faceplate with multiple mounting holes. This design allows for greater flexibility in mounting accessories like cycle carriers or bumper protectors. They are versatile and commonly used for various towing purposes.

  5. Towbar with Electrics: Many towbars come with an electrical socket that facilitates the connection between the car's electrical system and the trailer's lights and indicators. These are essential for ensuring the trailer is visible to other road users and compliant with road safety regulations.

  6. Gooseneck Towbars: Gooseneck towbars, also known as fifth-wheel hitches, are primarily used for towing large trailers or caravans. They have a hitch point located in the bed of a pickup truck rather than at the rear, providing a more stable connection for heavy loads.

When choosing a towbar, it's essential to consider factors like your towing requirements, vehicle type, budget, and local regulations.

Additionally, it's crucial to ensure that the towbar you select is compatible with your car's make and model and that it meets the towing capacity required for your specific needs.

Always consult with a reputable retailer or mechanic who specializes in towing equipment to ensure you get the right towbar for your vehicle.

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