GME XRS Connect Kits

Introducing XRS™ Connect - the Dawn of a New UHF CB Radio Era, Aussie-Made for Your Adventurous Spirit...

Engineered and manufactured right here in Sydney, XRS™ Connect is more than just a radio - it's a rugged, smart, and adaptable communication system. Created by the trusted brand GME, with over 50 years of faith from Australians, we bring you the perfect companion for your journeys through our harsh landscape.

The heart of XRS™ Connect is a robust speaker microphone, boasting a potent 2-watt speaker. It comes with customisable buttons and a high-contrast OLED screen, offering you an anti-glare, crystal-clear display under the harshest sunlight.

Take control with the power of Bluetooth® technology. The XRS™ Connect leads the pack in connected UHF CB radios, packed with unique features that put you at the helm. Experience the freedom of app control - a first for UHF CB radios. Create and share scan lists, get instant access to the complete Australian and New Zealand commercial analogue frequency database - all at your fingertips.

With XRS™ Connect, your radio evolves with you. These kits are software upgradeable via the app, ensuring you always stay up-to-date with the latest technology and features. GME's commitment to you is a minimum of one new upgrade every year, keeping your gear at the forefront of technology.

What makes the XRS Connect Kits unique? Their manufacturing hub in Sydney. A testament to GME's dedication to Australian manufacturing and our unwavering commitment to quality. Their state-of-the-art technology and relentless focus on operational efficiency allow them to deliver to you the highest quality communications equipment, perfectly tailored for Australia.

Embrace the XRS™ Connect UHF CB radios, a range truly made in Australia, for Australians. With their local manufacturing comes extensive technical support and sales assistance from their Australian facility.

Upgrade your adventures with XRS™ Connect - it's not just a radio, it's a lifestyle. Your journey awaits!

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