Oztent is an Australian business that grew from the dream of one man into an outdoor company that now provides adventurers around the globe with products to help them get out and have awesome experiences.

Oztent was founded over 20 years ago by inventor Joe Viglione who was frustrated by tents that took so long to set up. He dreamed of a tent that would literally set up in seconds - then he set about inventing it and in doing so, he redefined pitching a tent. Never comfortable with convention, Oztent pioneered the first 30-second tent, making sure it could withstand the harshest environmental conditions by choosing quality materials and enforcing a strict design and manufacturing process, together with rigorous testing – there’s nothing quite like the Australian outback to put a product through its paces.

All of our products are crafted from experience, and whether the adventure involves 4WDing, kayaking, hiking, or just enjoying some relaxing time in the great outdoors, we’ve got you covered with quick, durable, comfortable and hassle-free Oztent gear.

We back up our products with a committed customer care team to ensure everyone who gets in touch with us receives exceptional service - from product recommendation and support, through to servicing and repair.


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