Kingsley Enterprises started from humble beginnings back in 1977. The Australian love for the big wide country, the love of exploring in a 4×4 was starting to explode. People of all walks of life were keen to get off-road, explore and test the limits of their vehicles.

Over the last four decades, Kingsley has grown with the 4×4 community and today they are a leader, offering a comprehensive range of accessory products that are engineered and designed by their in-house engineering team. They’ve tried and tested each and every product that wears the Kingsley brand name. When purchasing a Bushranger product, you can be sure it meets Australian standards, it is safe, practical, robust, and will perform day in, day out in the harsh Australian landscape. At A1 Roof Racks, we know you want equipment that you can rely on to get you there and back.

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