Rola Vertical Bike Racks

Explore the roads, dirt tracks, and bushland of Australia on two wheels, with the help of Rola's Vertical Bike Rack Range.
Rola Vertical Bike Racks image

The Rola Vertical Bike Rack Range introduces a simple yet innovative securing system for your mountain bike, with an easy-to-use hook, cambuckle strap. Just loop the strap over you're rear wheel, hook it into the crossbar, pull the cambuckle strap and you’re ready to go.


A combined bike weight of an unmatched 135kg or an individual bike weight of 27kg makes it the perfect choice to carry almost any bike no matter the weight.


A tilt function is perfect for getting into the back of most boot spaces without the need to remove your carrier or bikes.


Revolutionary design with angled wheel cut out to protect spokes, anti-crush tubes, an anti-rattle plate, and a high quality steel coated in MetalShield is built for the tough Australian conditions.