Bike Carrier Regulations - South Australia

Buying a bike rack? Learn more about the rules and regulations in South Australia so you can stay out of trouble.

If you have a bicycle rack attached to the back of your car, you may need a bicycle rack number plate.


A bicycle rack attached to a motor vehicle, and any bicycle on the rack, must not obscure the rear number plate of the vehicle. When attaching a bicycle rack to the rear of a vehicle, you can either:

  • display a bicycle rack number plate on the rack
  • take the rear number plate off the motor vehicle and attach it to the bicycle rack.


You must not display a standard number plate on both the rear of a motor vehicle and on a bicycle rack, or display home-made number plates.


Bicycle rack number plates have the same registration number as your motor vehicle and so cannot be used on any other vehicle.


When you are carrying bicycles on your rack, if the brake lights on the motor vehicle are not visible from a distance of 200 metres under normal weather conditions, you must attach an additional brake light to the rack, which is visible from 200 metres.

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