Bike Carrier Regulations - Queensland

Buying a bike rack? Learn more about the rules and regulations in Queensland so you can stay out of trouble.

Queensland is the most difficult to find clear regulations for as there is no public guideline available for individuals to follow regarding bike carriers but they do have rules regarding how to transport loads. 


When you transport any kind of load, your vehicle or trailer must be loaded safely so it doesn’t endanger other road users, you or your passengers, or damage road infrastructure.


This means ensuring that your load:

  • is properly restrained.
  • doesn’t overhang dangerously. For a light vehicle, it must not have a width over 2.5m and a height exceeding 4.3m.
  • doesn’t exceed mass limits.
  • doesn’t cover lights, indicators, reflectors or the number plate.
    • You may need to purchase an accessory plate when using a rear-mounted bike rack.
    • You may need additional lighting such as a removable light board.


If you’re in control of a light vehicle, you’re responsible for ensuring your load doesn’t make your vehicle unstable or unsafe, and can’t fall or be dislodged from the vehicle.

To keep your load safe, you must:

  • select the right vehicle
  • position the load correctly
  • use the right method of load restraint.


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