Bike Carrier Regulations - New South Wales

Buying a bike rack? Learn more about the rules and regulations in NSW so you can stay out of trouble.

Roof Rack

Connecting a bike to your roof 

  • You must ensure that all connections are secured.
    • The bicycle to the attachment
    • The attachment to the roof rack
    • And the roof rack to the vehicle.

Rear Mounted Carrier

  • Do not carry more bicycles than the rack is designed to carry.
  • Do not exceed the maximum weight specified for the towbar assembly
  • Make sure the bicycle rack and its load does not project excessively behind the rear of the vehicle or protrude more than 150 mm beyond the extreme width of either side of the vehicle.
  • Make sure the vehicle number-plate is clearly visible. If the Number Plate is obscured you must fit a special ‘auxiliary number-plate’, which is a smaller copy of the vehicle Number Plate. This can be ordered online at, by telephoning the Plate Marketing Call Centre on 131 758, or at your nearest registry or Service NSW centre. If an auxiliary number-plate is used when carrying bicycles, it may only be fitted to a bicycle rack that is attached to the motor vehicle 
  • Make sure the auxiliary number-plate is securely attached and that it’s top edge is no more than 1300 mm above the ground.
  • Make sure the bicycle rack and bicycle/s do not obscure the vehicle lights including the brake lights, centre-mounted brake light, and indicators.If any light/s are obscured you must attach an additional set of lights at the rear of the bicycle/s.
  • If using the bicycle rack at night, you must fit one or more number-plate lights to illuminate the auxiliary number-plate if fitted.


Penalties may apply if:

  • The bicycle rack, or any bicycle fitted to it, obscures any light (including the centre-mounted brake light) or the number-plate, and it is not fitted with an additional set of lights and auxiliary number-plate.
  • The bicycle rack, with or without bicycle/s, creates a dangerous protrusion to either side or to the rear of the vehicle
  • The bicycle/s is not properly secured.  


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