Bike Carrier Regulations - Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Buying a bike rack? Learn more about the rules and regulations in the ACT so you can stay out of trouble.

Bike Carrier Regulations -  Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has very limited information regarding bike carriers and their respective laws. However they do specify, as with all other states, that the number plate can NOT be obstructed. 

  • If there is a bike rack on the rear of the motor vehicle and the Number Plate does not meet the Number Plate visibility requirements you must order a bike rack Number Plate that you affix to the bike rack. 
  • If you have multiple vehicles that carry the bike rack you will need to order a bike rack plate for each vehicle. 
  • Bike racks should only be attached to a vehicle when the rack is being used for the purpose of transporting bikes.
  • A bike rack Number Plate must display the same number as the motor vehicle's registration Number Plate and can only be used for that vehicle.
  • To purchase a bike rack Number Plate you can phone the Access Canberra Contact Centre on 13 22 81.

Similarly, you should make sure that your lights are not obstructed which may require the purchase of portable rear lights. 

Important! If you enter NSW from the ACT then you must follow the rules and laws of NSW.


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