EGR RollTrac

Introducing the brand new EGR RollTrac from Australian manufacturers, EGR. The EGR RollTrac is a new solution to the 4x4 and pick up truck market, delivering added versatility, security and aesthetic value to Australian utes.

Designed and engineered in Australia to suit Australian conditions, the EGR RollTrac will perform all across our country. From the wet tropical conditions up North and to the harsh and dry terrain of South Australia and WA, there is little that will stand in the EGR RollTrac's way. The EGR RollTrac has been thoroughly tested in all environments and consistently performs to the highest standards in all conditions. From beach to blizzard, urban or outback, the EGR RollTrac will keep your load area safe, secure and dry regardless of it’s day-to-day environment.

The EGR RollTrac is ridiculously good looking. Manufactured using quality materials delivers high strength and security while the visually pleasing clean, black finish of the product guarantees a stunning look once installed on your vehicle. The EGR RollTrac is finished in a scratch resistant, lightly textured black powder coat, and is also UV stable meaning that it will not fade over time. All external components of the EGR RollTrac are aluminium and the internal components are fully serviceable and self lubricating to ensure your EGR RollTrac slides and glides on every operation well into the future.

Backed by a 3 year limited warranty and one of Australia's most experienced 4WD and pick up accessory manufacturers, the EGR RollTrac must be on your consideration list for your ute or pick up truck.

Water Filtration and Weather Proofing

EGR RollTrac features four water management ports with wide aperture funneling to handle excess water and rainfall. Each water funnel is custom moulded to suit your vehicle application, not just a clear hose with a clamp around the top of it. The water funnels are positioned out of the way and will not be damaged by items placed into the load area.

The EGR RollTrac aluminium slats will not allow any water to penetrate between them, and any water that falls onto the broad surface area, is dispersed off to the side railing, and into the canister. To assist with weather proofing, the EGR RollTrac canister features a curved design to prevent water sitting idle within itself, and water is dispersed efficiently and accordingly underneath the vehicle.

Electrically Operated with Remote Central Locking as standard.

The EGR RollTrac Electric model features on-board operation, so there is no need for you to add an annoying second remote to your key chain to use the electric opening feature of the cover. With buttons neatly integrated into the side rails, and located in the rear corner on both sides of the EGR RollTrac, you can open and close the cover in any position along the track, from any side of the vehicle.

The EGR RollTrac Electric model integrates to your vehicle’s remote central locking as standard. Once your vehicle is locked, the buttons on the EGR RollTrac de-activate to prevent use while your vehicle is inactive, locked and secure. Simply unlock your vehicle using your factory remote and the EGR RollTrac is able to be opened and closed in any position, from each side of the load area.

Accessory Integration

EGR will also offer a range of Sports Bar Adaptor Kits to allow the OEM Sports Bar that was included on your vehicle, to integrate seamlessly onto your new EGR RollTrac. Using injection moulded foot cups, the Sports Bar will look like it was always meant to be included in tandem with your new EGR RollTrac

EGR RollTrac has a T-Channel as standard along each side for all aftermarket racking options. Whether you want to put a pair of cross bar style racks, bike carriers or even a platform rack, these items will integrate within the standard EGR RollTrac side channeling. This provides the user with an increased load capacity of 150kg by loading items on-top of the EGR RollTrac.

Dust? EGR have also developed a range of Dust Defense Kits to seal the perimeter of your tailgate and act as a defensive barrier, stopping dust and water spray from wet roads from entering your load area under your EGR RollTrac.

Vehicle Security

The EGR RollTrac locks onto your vehicle tailgate with claw hook style latching, on each side of the tailgate, preventing intruders from taking valuables out of your load area. The EGR RollTrac Electric model includes Remote Central Locking & Tailgate Locking as standard where the rear claw hooks will activate via your factory vehicle remote locking function. The Electric model is also supported with a key locking feature as a fail safe, if your vehicle has lost power and you have to release the tailgate locks by key-turn.

The EGR RollTrac top surface is also strengthened by interlocking aluminium slats that are impossible to cut through or separate, adding further security and piece of mind from intrusion.

Smart Technology

The EGR RollTrac is pre-programmed with operating software specific to your vehicle application and includes on-board fail safes to prevent using valuable energy if your vehicle battery is running low. The EGR RollTrac will operate at half speed if it detects your battery is at low voltage, and will stop operation if your battery falls below 9volts - to prioritise the power in your vehicle to most importantly, start the engine. Once the vehicle is started and the battery running at normal cycle, the EGR RollTrac returns to it’s normal performance. For safety, the EGR RollTrac has an anti-pinch feature. If anything is in the way of the closing cover that could get caught between the aluminium slats and the tailgate, the EGR RollTrac will detect and stop on immediate contact. Once contact is detected, the EGR RollTrac immediately reverses back 50mm preventing caught limbs, fingers or other items that may be in the way from injury or damage.

The EGR RollTrac also features soft start and stop. Whilst travelling along it’s tracks at normal speed, the EGR RollTrac will slow and close softly at the end of it’s pre-programmed distance. This distance is set by a simple calibration method that the owner performs using the on-board buttons, ensuring the EGR RollTrac is set specifically for their own vehicle.

To stop the EGR RollTrac in different opening or closed locations, simply pressing the button again in the direction the EGR RollTrac is travelling, will stop it in that position, anywhere along the track. Simply press the button again to continue in the desired direction.

The EGR RollTrac is also equipped with the smallest canister on the market, maximizing valuable load area. The canister also includes access panels for removal of leaves and other debris that may have rolled inside during opening operation.

The EGR RollTrac installation onto your vehicle is straight forward and conclusively illustrated with images and dialogue in its fitting instructions.

In short - connect the side rails to the canister, attach the EGR RollTrac using a clamping system, join plug-n-play wiring looms in each corner, and run a power cable to the vehicle battery and you’re set.

All necessary wiring is explained with diagrams and positional locations in the EGR RollTrac fitting instructions.

Key Features

  • Strong and secure with impenetrable Aluminium interlocked slats. 
  • Electric powered with onboard operation (no fiddly remotes on your key chain). 
  • Tailgate locking is a standard inclusion on the EGR RollTrac. Once closed, the EGR RollTrac securely attaches onto the tailgate which is then locked and unlocked using the vehicle's remote central locking. 
  • Scratch-resistant, lightly textured & UV stable black powder-coated finish. 
  • Four large water management ports to disperse water. 
  • Accessory compatible with an industry-standard T-channel down each side. The EGR RollTrac will support crossbars from brands like Rhino-Rack, Whispbar, Rola, Thule, Prorack and Yakima. 
  • A sidetrack carrying capacity of 150kg (with compatible crossbars).
  • Sports bar adaptor kits to integrate the OEM sports bar onto the EGR RollTrac. Not available on the D-Max. 
  • Dust Defence Kits available for dust sealing the ute tub. 
  • 3-year limited warranty.
Brand EGR

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