There's a
change in the air...

The sun is setting on Whispbar,

but Take it Easy… Yakima is here to help.

After careful consideration, Yakima have decided to consolidate the Whispbar and Yakima brands.

whispbar yakima logos image
whispbar yakima logos image
whispbar technology

The name will change, the technology stays the same

While the name is changing, the uncompromising design and thoughtfully engineered technologies that Whispbar is renowned for will live on in Yakima.

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whispbar products


You can still get support, order spare parts or compatible accessories, and Yakima will honour applicable warranty terms on any Whispbar products you have purchased.

For more information, contact Yakima's friendly team.

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Even more adventure

With an even bigger range of bars, accessories and more, the outdoors is all yours with Yakima gear.

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